D.w. Renzmann

The company was founded in 1969. For nearly 40 years, Renzmann has been developing and building industrial washing machines and solvent distillation units intended primarily for print shops and for paint and varnish manufacturers.

D.w. Renzmann core competency is the removal of stubborn residues and the handling of the flammable organic solvents or aggressive alkaline washing agents used for this purpose. Renzmann is certified according to the European ATEX directive and has grown to become the market leader in its segment.

Another focus of the company is offering expert support and advice to their customers – something for which they are uniquely qualified thanks to their long-standing experience in the markets they serve. If you wish, they will handle your permit applications, room planning and calculations of profitability in addition to determining the best washing agents and cleaning methods for your application – their experts are always there for you.