Grafiche Tamburini – Flexo Sleeves

The philosophy that distinguishes Grafiche Tamburini relies on the continuous improvement of internal processes and the continuous search for technologies and processes designed to improve the products requested by customers. On the cutting edge in flexographic printing market is not only an idiom, for them it is a philosophy they try to respect.

Grafiche Tamburini invest a lot in technology looking for the best solutions for their customers. Technological up-dating is a philosophy of Grafiche Tamburini that involves staff and each department: graphics department is equipped with permanently updated computers and software in order to meet every request; internet is a channel of primary importance that offers a detailed website showing a wide range of services as MATERIALS MANAGEMENT in order to easily and quickly receive and deal with orders.

For over 40 years leader in flexographic printing, Grafiche Tamburini presents its unmatched product portfolio in order to meet all customer requests. Thanks to constant research and the most up-to-date technologies, Grafiche Tamburini solutions offer top quality and efficiency for packaging industry. In the forefront in flexographic printing market but in respect of tradition. The customer is the base on which the company is founded: his needs come first of all. For 40 years Grafiche Tamburini have been putting the service quality, the warrantee of reached agreements and the respect to the companies we work with even before equipments, technology, skilled workers and constant innovation.